The Train Station as destination

The train station is a master of disguise, and the pace of modern life makes its deception all the easier. The station, to most, is a purely utilitarian space, existing purely to be passed through; it is not a destination. Now they are not wrong, but neither are they entirely correct.

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Afternoon at the Museum

Archie was having a scunner of a day. At 14 years old, he could think of a tonne of things he’d rather be doing than chaperoning his little brother around the National Museum. Mostly, It wasn’t that he’d been here at least 3 times before; or even that that Saturday afternoon was prime gaming time.Mainly it was because his brother was a menace. At 14 Archie tended to low opinions on those in single digits, but Frankie, all nine years of him, was a special case…

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