The Train Station as destination

The train station is a master of disguise, and the pace of modern life makes its deception all the easier. The station, to most, is a purely utilitarian space, existing purely to be passed through; it is not a destination. Now they are not wrong, but neither are they entirely correct.

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Why writer’s need to be brave (or why truth is central to good fiction)

A writer of fiction must be brave. Now some of you will think this is a rather self-indulgent; bravery is the province of people who take on terrifying challenges. Firefighters are brave (of course they are!), not authors! Burning buildings versus blank pages, sure that sounds equivalent.

But … hear me out.

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So I won something (for writing something)

So today hasn’t been the best of days, given my Fiancé’s dog passed away not too much earlier on. So it’s nice to end with some better news.

My story, Contact (readable on Wattpad, or on my blog – the one I keep linking), won the September Sci-Fi challenge for short fiction on Wattpad!

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